Samsung is officially pushing new ground with tablets thanks to its massive Galaxy View. This 18.4-inch tablet isn't something that's been available on the market before but once again Samsung assures us it'll be wanted – just as it did with the first Galaxy Note smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy View is, as you'd expect, an Android tablet with a massive touchscreen display. It also offers more battery and is built for video.

Has Samsung landed a winner by being different? The Galaxy View offers plenty of reasons to have one in the home over a 'normal' tablet.

These are the five reasons you might want to own a Samsung Galaxy View.

That massive screen is built for video

The 18.4-inch touchscreen on the Galaxy View is a Full HD resolution display at 1920 x 1080. While this is decent it's not the QHD resolution Samsung is becoming known for and offers on its flagship products. That makes this feel like a tester product.

Nonetheless it'll be a clear and impressive image on the screen, even at that size. Bare in mind most people still rock 42-inch TVs with that resolution and no complaints.

The screen layout is optimised for video, says Samsung, by offering a home screen dedicated to showcasing video all in one place. This is backed by two 4W speakers for stereo sound.

The massive battery lasts for hours

Samsung knows this tablet is going to be all about video playback so it's crammed in some serious battery powers.

The Galaxy View battery is a 5,700mAh unit that the company claims can manage a hefty eight hours of video. Of course in reality the internet connection, brightness and such will affect that number but it's still good even if close to that is more realistic.

The handle and back stand make it portable

With a tablet of this size you're not likely to be using it held on your wrists for long. Not before doing yourself an injury anyway.

That's why Samsung has included a stand on the back which opens up to angle the tablet forward and up in landscape mode – ideal for watching video or reading websites. This works in two positions for a variation of view.

The top of that same rear casing features an extended section that acts as a handle. This makes carrying it about with one hand easy, despite that 2.65kg heft.

Connect a gaming controller directly

The tablet is obviously also aimed at gamers. That large screen is an ideal way to take advantage of the growing number of Android games out there now. On top of that the tablet connects to gaming controllers.

The Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection is an option but the micro-USB port can also be used for a hardwired connection. This means a variation of possible controllers and also allows for latency free gaming control.

The processing is powerful enough to handle anything

Under that almighty hood is a 1.6GHz octa-core processor backed by 2GB of RAM. This should offer enough power for any game or video Android can offers as well as handling multi-tasking easily enough. It's probably also a big reason why the battery can keep playing video back for so long.

The tablet comes with a respectable 32GB of storage but also have microSD expansion so if you want to cram that full of movies or images that's an option too.

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