There is a school of thought buzzing around the tech world at the moment that Samsung may have unwittingly leaked its next Note tablet before its expected launch at Mobile World Congress.

It has long been rumoured that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 8.0 at the trade show in Barcelona at the end of this month, with reports even claiming that the company's president, JK Shin, confirmed as much. However, bar a few leaked pictures which split opinions on whether they were fake or not, little else has been heard.

That has changed, with SammyHub suggesting that we may have seen the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 already - during the launch of the red Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE for Valentine's Day, which Pocket-lint wrote about yesterday morning.

In the background of the images that accompanied that launch, there's a device that doesn't look like the Galaxy Note 10.1 at all. Nor does it look like the Note or Note 2. Instead, it has a tablet-style design, with the home button even appearing on screen, rather than off like on the "phablets" in the range.

Could it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 we're soon to see launch? Perhaps. Certainly, plenty of others believe it to be the case.

There's one thing that bothers us on Pocket-lint though. If it is the mysterious 8-inch version of the Note tablet, that is one mighty S Pen to control it with...