Samsung has put the finishing touches to its Windows 8 line-up, revealing pricing details ahead of the operating system’s debut on 26 October. 

The range of Windows 8 products includes laptops, PCs and, of course, Samsung’s tablet devices with their detachable keyboards - or as the Korean manufacturer likes to call them, “Smart PCs”. 

At an event stateside, Mike Abary, Samsung senior VP, showed off the finalised Windows 8 range, which included the Samsung ATIV Smart PC 700T, Samsung Series 9 Premium Ultrabook and Samsung Series 7 All-in-One desktop PC, before revealing how much we’ll need to shell out for these bad boys.

Samsung Smart PCs

The Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T will cost $1,200, while the lesser-specced ATIV Smart PC 500T is priced at $750 with a keyboard and $650 without.

Samsung Mobile PCs

Samsung’s Series 9 Premium Ultrabook is available in two models: a 15-inch at $1,400 and a 13-inch at $1,300. The Samsung Series 7 Notebook again features a 15-inch display but is available for the slightly more affordable $1,100. 

Depending on whether you opt for a Core i5 or Core i3 processor with the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch, you’ll be expected to fork out $860 or $810 respectively. Similarly, the Samsung Series 3 Notebook will start at $450, but could rise to $900, depending on what configuration you opt for.

Samsung All-in-One Desktop PCs

The Samsung Series 7 All-in-One is available with a 27-inch display at $1,700 or with a 23.6-inch display at $1,100. Finally the Samsung Series 5 All-in-One, which features a 21.5-inch display will set you back $800. 

Pocket-lint has asked Samsung for UK pricing for its Windows 8 range and we will update as and when we find out.

Windows 8 will become available to the public on 26 October, so expect Samsung’s line-up to become available soon after.

UPDATE Samsung UK has informed Pocket-lint that no UK pricing details will be provided for any of these products until after launch. Still, the US pricing gives us an idea of what to expect.