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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has revealed a video that hints heavily at the launch of a Windows 8 notebook featuring both a physical Qwerty keyboard and a touchscreen.

The Korean manufacturer says all will be revealed at its IFA event in Berlin at the end of the month where we will get to see "what 'might' be the next hottest PC from Samsung". Thankfully, the video teases us with enough snippets to get us speculating on what we can expect.

The video consists of a lot of turning cogs, spinning dials and clock faces, intertwined with snapshots of the device itself. What is clear is that the notebook – the video is titled “Samsung Notebook” – will definitely house a physical Qwerty keyboard as that is clearly visible.

samsung windows 8 touchscreen netbook teaser video promises ifa reveal image 2

However, the camera also focuses on what looks distinctly like a stylus, albeit one yet to be withdrawn. With Windows 8 - an operating system that is catered heavily for touchscreen use - just around the corner, a hybrid touchscreen and Qwerty notebook would make sense.

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samsung windows 8 touchscreen netbook teaser video promises ifa reveal image 3

The only caveat worth noting is that the video includes the line, “design is subject to change”, but with less than a week until the big reveal we’d assume that we’re looking at the finished article.

A video demoing a developer preview of an Ivy Bridge touchscreen Ultrabook running Windows 8 recently appeared on the internet. Could this be the same tech Samsung will use with its new notebook at IFA?

It’s the second teaser Samsung has produced in the build-up to its IFA event on 29 August, following a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 video.

What do you think Samsung's video is teasing us with? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.