As the Apple versus Samsung trial hots up, court documents have revealed that the Korean manufacturer is putting together a tablet with a huge 11.8-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

Codenamed “P10” the tablet’s display will have a pixel density of 256 ppi, putting it on par with the Retina Display found in Apple’s new iPad

Samsung’s P10 tablet is said to boast LTE connectivity and according to the court documents we can expect it some time this year, with it being referred to as a “2012 product”. That is assuming Apple doesn’t manage to prevent the P10 being released in the first place.

samsung working on 11 8 inch tablet with screen to rival ipad s retina display image 2

The two manufacturers are currently embroiled in a court case, with Apple claiming Samsung has infringed patent over products including the Samsung Galaxy Tab. 

While the trial continues in the US, a UK judge ruled in favour of Samsung with Apple having to post a statement on its UK website and in the press stating that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range did not infringe on iPad designs.

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