Apple has sold more than one million iPad and iPad 2 devices in South Korea, dominating the tablet market in Samsung's home country. Around 700,000 units were sold last year alone, with no sign of demand letting up.

Although Samsung's exact Galaxy Tab sales figures for the region are unknown at present, this is said to equate to a 70-80 per cent share of the Korean tablet market. The country's biggest English-language newspaper,  the Korea Herald, adds that it believes there are even more iPads in circulation because many were imported or bought abroad before the device was officially available in the country.

The newspaper also says that two in three iPads sold are Wi-Fi only, with many not concerned with contracts or mobile internet, perhaps thanks to the impressive wireless broadband infrastructure across the nation's major cities.

As for Samsung's response, many are speculating that the company is readying an 11.6-inch Galaxy Tab for launch this year, possibly even at Mobile World Congress in a couple of weeks' time. Pocket-lint will be there to find out.