The injunction barring the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 across the European Union has been temporarily suspended until the company's appeal hearing, set for 25 August. However, it has not been permanently lifted, rather that the court in Dussledorf that imposed the preliminary injunction in the first place has suspended its enforcement.

Dutch website, who revealed a strangely shaped picture of the Tab 10.1 that formed part of Apple's evidence, has also now confirmed that Samsung is free to sell its tablet device in the interim period between now and the appeal hearing.

In addition, analyst Florian Mueller spoke to the German court in question and was assured that the decision to temporarily lift the injunction in EU countries was nothing to do with the revelations about parts of Apple's evidence.

He also states that this could lead to a complete reversal of the Dussledorf-based judge's original decision: "I believe Samsung has a pretty good chance that this temporary partial suspension will result in a partial reversal of the preliminary injunction decision at next week's hearing," he says.

Unfortunately, for German Tab fans, the injunction still applies in their country.

Still, it's a massive step forward for the South Korean manufacturer.