Unless you've been living down a hole for a couple of days (or been busy kicking in windows in your local high street) you can't fail to have noticed that Apple and Samsung have had a bit of a ding-dong over patent issues with the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

But when it comes down to manufacturing matters (i.e. money making) it seems that Apple and Sammy are still the best of buds, with reports that Apple is turning to Samsung for panel displays for the iPad 2.

LG currently produces the iPad sequel's screens, but reports suggest that there have been quality issues as of late and shortages too, leading to a suspension of orders and a look elsewhere.

Apple is also apparently considering using Foxconn affiliate CMI for panel production if Samsung decides that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 issue would prevent it making displays for its rival. Samsung already makes the processors that power Apple's tablets and phones.

There have been plenty of Apple manufacturing stories doing the rounds as of late, with rumours that Apple may even ditch Samsung entirely for chip production on the iPad 3, and also murmurs that Foxconn may also get the chop too, in favour of Pegatron.

We suppose that when you're officially the biggest company in the world, you can afford to be choosy when it comes to buddying up.

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