Although the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 launched yesterday, it was only the Wi-Fi models that were available. The South Korean consumer electronics firm has always planned on its 3G model being available in the UK, officially, from 23 August.

However, Pocket-lint has been tipped off by one of its sources that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G devices will be available from next Friday, 12 August at Vodafone, and that, indeed, pre-orders are now available.

That was also the date mentioned in the Galaxy Tab 8.9 rumours fuelled by an Amazon pre-orders page we wrote about yesterday, so it does seem that Samsung was planning a surprise launch on that day after all. However, it is merely the bringing forward of a pre-planned release date, not a new device entirely.

Vodafone's own website currently has the Tab 10.1 listed as "coming soon", with an option to register for updates, but we expect this to change to a pre-order page shortly. No prices are listed at present.

Update: The Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G will start at £229 on 24 month contracts at £27 per month. For that you get 2GB of data as well as 1GB of BT Openzone to enjoy. Those who want to place preorders can do so by calling 08080 022 003 or going into stores.

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