Back in May, we told you how the original Android Samsung Galaxy Tab was getting its 2.3 update with the Gingerbread fun already available to Italian fandroids.

Well now finally the UK update has gone live too, with owners of the 7-inch former-Froyo device now able to update via Samsung's Kies tool. Yep, Kies - sorry about that.

The original SamTab (as we affectionately call it) has fallen from the top table of tablet offerings (to think it was once touted as an iPad killer) as a result of new devices Xooming in (see what we did there?) but it is still a decent device in itself, and one that has become even more attractive as a result of the Gingerbread flavoured Android update.

It's a shame it's not a Honeycomb one, but beggars can't be choosers.

The SamTab's follow up, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was finally priced and dated for a UK release earlier this week as well - it will hit shops on 4 August priced at £399 - £200 less than the original first went on sale for.