Despite only being launched around 7 months ago, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has kind of fallen by the wayside.

Partly due to its own makers, and their heavy promotion of the next-generation, skinnier, Galaxy Tab models. And partly due to the wave of Honeycomb tablets hitting the market as of late.

But the original SamTab (as we affectionately call it) is still a decent device in itself, and one that has become even more attractive following the news that a Gingerbread flavoured Android update is coming its way. is reporting that Android 2.3.3 will be available to download via (the quite frankly awful) Samsung Kies software soon. But if you cannot wait for that, you can even download the rom and attempt to update it yourself.

But you shouldn't have too long to wait for the official path. Italian SamTab users are apparently already able to download firmware/baseband version P1000XXJQ1/P1000XXJPZ, so it should be hitting other countries soon.

Samsung Galaxy Tab review