Okay, so we admit that this isn't the best photo we’ve ever taken, but none the less, it is the first batch of "in the wild shots" of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 that we’ve seen strutting its stuff ahead of its official launch at CTIA in Orlando, Florida.

The new tablet will be announced at the expo today, and sits between the 7-inch and 10-inch versions of the company’s current tablet range.

What does it look like? Well, judging by the photos we snapped, very similar to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and incredibly thin.

Leaked specs of the device snuck out yesterday via a placard on the stand. The 8.9-inch display will feature a 1280 x 800 resolution, it will be 8.6mm thick and come with a dual core 1GHz processor. It will weigh a reasonable 470g.

Could 8.9 inches be the perfect size? We’ll let you know in a couple of hours when everything becomes official.

UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 hands-on