When the Samsung Galaxy Tab was still a figment of the webiverse's imagination, and only a reality to Samsung insiders, it seemed that not a day would pass without some juicy titbit regarding the SamTab's possible spec being thrown into the equation.

And one of the most exciting rumours revolved around the inclusion of a 7-inch Super-AMOLED display. How fantastically brilliant we all thought.

But alas, the Galaxy Tab became a reality packing nothing more than a TFT-LCD (a Super one though).

But now, over at the FPD International Expo in Tokyo, Samsung has got busy showing off a 7-inch Super-AMOLED display on board its recently released tablet.

The display has a whopping 1200 x 600 resolution, compared to the actual SamTab's 1024 x 600, and there are suggestions that it will be used on a Galaxy Tab model in 2011.

And so begins the next wave of Galaxy Tab rumours - for a sequel to a device that has only just arrived.

We at Pocket-lint would like to throw our guesses into the mix at this early point. We think it will have autostereoscopic 3D, dual-booting Android and Windows platforms and a flux-capacitor. If you put the SamTab 2 in your (big) pocket and run 88mph, you'll be able to time-travel.

Whilst you wait for the sequel why not check out the current occupant in our Samsung Galaxy Tab review