Blinging up the latest bits of tech kit isn't a new phenomenon, but you don't usually see department stores (even the posh ones) getting in the act.

But Harrods, in cahoots with Micro Anvika, has announced that it is stocking a limited edition set of Crystal Samsung Galaxy Tabs, with 5700 Swarovski bright crystals encrusted onto the 7-inch tablet.

"The crystalisation technique used has been honed to absolute perfection, with outstanding quality of workmanship which ensures every crystal is precisely positioned in its own perfect space", read a statement. Feel free to make your own opinions though, of this less than subtle design.

The Galaxy Tab logo is made in Jet Hematite and you can customise your design for your own individual taste.

Priced at £2699 the Crystal Galaxy Tab is obviously aimed at people with more money than sense, and no sense of shame.

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