We've already seen many of these touted around already, but official confirmation is always a nice thing - especially when things get priced up as well.

And, after the news broke that The Carphone Warehouse will be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for £529.99 - £70 less than we expect from Currys and the like - you might have an extra few bob to splash out on these official SamTab accessories.

So let's take a look at what's on offer, with a look at the full accessories list from Samsung:

- Keyboard dock: A stylish and portable full-sized 83 key keyboard with a built-in docking station that holds the Galaxy Tab securely in a portrait position. The keyboard also has connections for the Charger and Audio output (3.5mm). £69.99. (Exclusive to The Carphone Warehouse for six weeks).   

- Multimedia Desk Dock: A portrait stand for the Galaxy Tab that charges the device whilst it is in use. The multimedia desk dock includes speaker outputs (3.5mm) and mini HDMI socket. £39.99.   

- Notebook/Stand case: A stylish notebook case that folds back on itself to create a stand for the device. Comprised of good quality leather with built-in d30 protective technology and closing strap. £29.99.        

- Leather Slip Case: Smart, soft leather pouch that gives excellent protection. Comprised of good quality leather with built-in d30 protective technology and closing strap. £24.99.        

- D30 Silicon/Gel Case: Perfect protection for the Galaxy Tab, containing the revolutionary d30 technology, an intelligent protective material that transforms from a soft, flexible gel to a shock absorbent casing on impact. £19.99.        

- Portable Speakers: Work in a similar way to headphones, a compact pair of battery powered speakers enabling sharing of music with others. £19.99.   

- Headphones: Comfortable and excellent quality headsets in both black and white. Includes a 4 pole 3.5mm connector enabling users to listen to music or make and receive calls with this device. £19.99.   

- Travel Adapter: A compact universal charger with UK 3 pin attachment for charging in the UK only. £34.99.   

- USB Data Cable: Spare or replacement USB cable for charging or connecting to a PC. £14.99.    

- TV-Out Cable: Connect the Galaxy Tab direct to a compatible TV or projector using composite signalling. £14.99.    

- In-Car Charger: In car adapter for charging the Galaxy Tab. £24.99.

It's quite an exhaustive list and if you made it down this far, well done, we thought we might have lost you at the USB data cable.