It was all excitement and cheers at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab at IFA in Berlin, Germany, however that might be turning to doubt and worry after Amazon, the UK online retailer, has moved its availability date from October to November for the Android powered tablet.

While many have been left wondering why the new Galaxy Tab with its 16GB of on board storage and SD Card reader should have a recommended retail price of twice the price of the entry level Apple iPad, it looks like those who don't care will have to wait even longer for the device.

Samsung has to this point kept quiet as to when the official launch date will be, however Amazon isn't being so coy.

Those who want a Samsung Galaxy Tab will have to wait till 1 November and then still pay £599.99 for the privilege.

Amazon isn't the only retailer to show delays. Expansys in the UK is citing that customers who part with £639.99 will have to wait for 42 days (as of 21 September).

"If you order this product before 4:30pm today, UK customers can expect shipment in 42 working days."

That puts it's availability around the 2 November.

Will you be buying the new tablet or is it still too much money.

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