has listed the Samsung Galaxy Tab, sans contract, for a staggering £799. And that's just the 16GB version. Heaven knows what the 32GB version will go for.

At the moment, the online retailer is only inviting customers to register interest as it hasn't gone to pre-order status yet. Nor is there any indication of the launch date. But, it comes as a surprise to Pocket-lint that it's listed at all, as high-ranking Samsung bigwigs told us that it wouldn't be sold in the UK without a contract.

The company also told PL that it is the network providers that will determine the price and release schedule for the new device, so maybe Amazon has been hasty in its posting. It's not the first time it has put up a page in preparation, only to take it down again - Blu-ray title are constantly being placed and removed.

Mind you, Samsung has been known to enter markets with steep levies on its products in the past. Its first Blu-ray player, the BD-P1000 (admittedly, the first one onto the market), was £1,000 on launch; a staggering amount at the time. And, because of which, take up was slow.

It's ironic that the Galaxy Tab's model number is also P1000. Hmmm.

Anyhow, should the Tab's price ticket be true in this case, Samsung's super tablet may struggle to compete against the hugely popular, and cheaper, iPad after all.

Would you consider the Galaxy Tab at this price? Or do you think Samsung will shoot itself in the foot? Let us know in the comments below...