Samsung has revealed, during a Galaxy Tab question and answer session at IFA in Berlin, that it will be releasing more tablets in 2011, and that there will be a whole range of different models:

"Based on our market research, people have different desires, so we are definitely going to have different sizes of tablets", said DJ Lee, head of global sales and marketing, Samsung Mobile HQ.

"And there will be tablets at different price points too".

It was also reiterated by his boss, JK Shin: "Next year, you will see a variety of different tablets from our company".

"There will be a Honeycomb tablet device", he stated. "There will be an entire tablet device portfolio".

Of course, the company is keen to stress that all efforts are being focused on the current Galaxy Tab, rather than future versions. And has stressed that the current device will be out in October, depending on network providers. Price will also be decided when the operators reveal further details.

The network providers will also have a say on the Tab's colour scheme, as it can be changed to suit (pink for T-Mobile, for example). The standard version comes in both black and white.

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