Well, well, well what have we here then?

Oh, it's only official confirmation of the long awaited Samsung tablet - The Samsung Galaxy Tab.

We just received word from our Samsung contacts that it was going live with the official teaser video along with the statement:

“Samsung is using its world-leading design innovation to define the future of mobile life".

Exciting stuff indeed. So what have we got exactly?

Well, there's still no detailed specs, but we've got confirmation that it is the 7-incher that we were all expecting and it does indeed run Android 2.2 (Froyo).

From the video we can see that it has Swype functionality, e-reader capabilities, HD movie playback, full web browsing (including Flash), PC link-up and, most intriguingly, video calling.

Now, we did hear rumours that Vodafone would be stocking the device, so have we got a massive tablet/phone on our hands like the Dell Streak (but with two extra inches) or are we looking at a Wi-Fi enabled video callback feature like Apple's FaceTime? 

The video doesn't mention 3G so we're guessing it's probably the latter.

But guessing is a fool's game, as our old Nan used to say, so we'll sit tight and wait for the IFA launch.

Roll on 2 September.