Razer has announced that its Razer Edge gaming tablet will be available for pre-order 1 March, starting at $999. 

The all-in-one gaming experience wrapped up in a tablet features an Nvidia GT640M card inside, a choice of either an i5 or i7 processor, and an SSD going up to 256GB. There is also 10.1-inch 1366 x 768 display that brings the battery life to only two hours at full capacity. It looks to be a new take on a never-before concept meant just for gaming.

Razer says that on 1 March it will also make available the $249 Edge contoller dock that features two backlit sticks split on either side of the screen for easy gameplay along with the tablet. There will also be a $99 dock for hooking up the tablet to a TV for big-screen gaming.

As for configuration options for the Edge, it starts at $999 (£660) for the 1.7GHz i5 and 64GB SSD version, $1,299 for the 1.9GHz i7 Pro and 128GB harddrive, and $1,449 for the i7 with 256GB harddrive. 

The Razer Edge will first go on-sale in the US and Canada at the online Razer Store, Amazon and Best Buy. No word on UK availability. 

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