If you think you’ve seen all the tablet expected for 2011 already, thing again. Chip maker Qualcomm has just told Pocket-lint that it knows of 20 tablets that are packing its Snapdragon dual-core processor are still to be released in the next year.

“We have over 20 designs in process,” confirmed Qualcomm at a pre-conference briefing Pocket-lint was present at at the world’s largest phone trade show.

When pushed as to how long it would take to see those 20 devices come to market, Qualcomm's CEO and President Paul Jacobs told us that they would all be launched within the next 12 months. 

The news comes just hours after the official launch of the HTC Flyer announcement at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that packs a single core Snapdragon processor and suggests we are just at the start of a major flood of tablets still to come in 2011.

So far the only announced dual-core Snapdragon powered tablet is the WebOS powered HP TouchPad.