The world's first 4K tablet should be arriving this February at a price of around £2,700.

After trying out the 4K tablet at a trade show or two we're eager to give this a long test. It looked stunning but is aimed more at graphic professionals than the layperson. Although with Windows 8.1 Pro OS it could be used by anyone.

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The 4K screen has a 3840 x 2560 resolution across the 20-inch screen for 230ppi. Power isn't lacking either with an Intel (Ivy Bridge) Core i5 processor, Nvidia GeForce GT745M GPU, 256GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. So it's more of a PC than a tablet, especially owing to its size which allows it to be mobile but probably works best on a stand or table.

The tablet itself is tough, thanks to its magnesium alloy chassis which can handle a drop from up to 2.5ft. There's no word on whether the battery can handle much though as this older CPU and those powerful specs probably don't offer much when detached from a power supply.

The Panasonic Toughpad 4K will go on sale mid-February for around £2,700. Check back soon for our hands-on review.