The difference in the quality of graphics capable on today's tablet devices is far removed from the potential of tomorrow's, says Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

Speaking at the company's investor day, he showed the difference in the graphical capability of what he called the "latest generation iPad" and an unspecified device running the Nvidia Kepler chipset, and VentureBeat was there to sneakily capture some video of the demonstration.

In it, we can see a first-person shooter running on the iPad, which looks half decent in comparison to most games available on the tablet (but is not, we have to say, of Shadowgun or Dead Trigger standard). Then Huang swaps over to the Kepler device running last year's big PC and console hit Battlefield 3. The difference is quite obvious to see.

The problem to date has been to create a mobile graphics chipset that can offer the same performance as a PC equivalent, but with far less power consumption and a smaller form factor.

With Kepler, Huang explained that Nvidia had put aside numerous other projects to focus on achieving just that. "We want to get multiple years ahead of the competition,” said Huang. “It was worth the sacrifice."

Check out the video for yourself to find out if it was, indeed, worth it.