Nvidia has, somewhat unsurprisingly, announced Tegra 4. Plenty of leaks before its confirmation have taken some of the fun out of what Nvidia claims to be the most powerful mobile chip right now.

Outdoing even the likes of the iPad 4 for speed, the Tegra 4 packs 72 GPU cores, 4 A15 CPU cores and a 4G LTE modem. You have to take some of these speed claims with a pinch of salt, but the chip is definitely going to be quick.

The chip will come with a clever Nvidia computational photography engine designed to speed up the entire process of smartphone photography. Things like HDR will become 10 times quicker than previously.

As the tech is built into the chip, it can be switched on or off in settings but will run within any app without updates or alteration to it. So Instagram, for example, could have Nvidia's HDR tech running at the same time.

No word yet on the hardware in which it will appear, but we get the idea it might start turning up in devices over the course of CES this week. 

Nvidia showed off the Tegra 4 with the as of yet unreleased Dead Trigger 2. It definitely looked impressive and brings mobile devices one step closer to console-quality graphics. 

So the wait is on for the first Tegra 4 devices. Smartphone lovers get ready for your current quad-core kit to feel sluggish.