(Pocket-lint) - Over in Vegas at CES Microsoft senior director Aidan Marcuss took to the Nvidia press conference stage to show off Windows 8 running on a Tegra 3 powered development device and Pocket-lint rushed the stage to take a closer look.

Not whilst the demo was going on, you understand - that would get us kicked out of Vegas faster than Hunter S Thompson after an all-night bender.

Nope, we waited politely until all was said and done and then elbowed and kicked our way through a crowd of international journalists to get up close and personal with the quad-core tab. It's nothing much to look at, it has to be said, but we do like the swanky UI of Windows 8. 


"Windows 8 is coming to market and I don't remember another Windows version as exciting as this one since Windows 95," said Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.

"Just as Windows 95 enabled a new class of devices in consumer PCs, Windows 8 is going to enable a new class of devices, this time moving Windows to mobile devices. This is an epic event."

Back in 2011, Microsoft announced that ARM-based processors would be welcome at the Windows 8 party. Nvidia looks as if it's going to turn up armed with a plethora of funky presents.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.