The good ship Nokia has sprung a leak and before it could be plugged not one but two devices slid out - an 8.3-inch Lumia 2020 tablet and a 4.5-inch dual SIM Lumia 525 phone, as they're being dubbed.

Both devices have appeared in testing documents in India that leaked via, a logistics site covering import and export information for the country.

The tablet, known as RX-115, is registered with an 8.3-inch IPS LCD display at 1920 x 1080 resolution. It should also come with a SIM card port and might even have stylus support. It’s most likely that this will simply be a smaller version of the Lumia 2520 that’s already been revealed.

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Another leak from India is for a Lumia 525-like phone, called RM-977 on the leaked test document. The device was sent to India for evaluation on 21 November so may soon be released. It has a 4.5-inch screen and is a dual SIM device. Since the pricing is at INR 7965 it should fall in the Lumia 525 range.

Both the dual-SIM smartphone and the 8.3-inch tablet, being at testing stage, should be announced early next year.

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