Nokia is building an 8-inch tablet to compete with the iPad mini, according to EvLeaks on Twitter. The tablet will reportedly run Windows RT, making it Nokia's second Windows RT tablet behind the Lumia 2520 announced in October. 

EvLeaks, often reliable with Nokia rumours, didn't provide many specifics for the tablet. However, it does carry the codename "Illusionist" behind the closed doors of Nokia as the company works to bring it to market. 

Nokia has taken a multi-tier approach to the smartphone market, so it only makes sense for the soon to be Microsoft-owned company to do the same with tablets. The Verge chimes in with more details, saying the Illusionist will be released early next year alongside a 6-inch Lumia 1320. It will reportedly ship with Windows RT 8.1 and a Qualcomm processor. 

With Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia expected to close in 2014, it's not clear how widespread of a release the 8-inch tablet would see. Additionally, Microsoft is reportedly still on track to release a 7.5-inch mini version of the Surface in early 2014 - perhaps making for an awkward line-up of similarly spec'd tablets. 

Nonetheless, the Illusionist is tipped to carry a similar look to the Lumia 2520.