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(Pocket-lint) - Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, has told Pocket-lint that the company has no plans to release a Nokia tablet just yet, but does hint that that might not always be the case.

"We haven't announced anything specifically about tablets. I say that over and over again," Elop told us in an interview at CES in Las Vegas. "But when you look at it and think about what people are expecting in their digital life, they are expecting some uniformity of experience across their phones, their tablets, their PCs, their automobiles, their gaming platforms."

He went on to tell us:

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"We can't do all of those things. We can partner on some of them, but in other areas there are cases where perhaps we should be doing some work that extends our footprint."

And of the Metro design, now so shouted about by Microsoft?

"We are very interested in the Metro user interface and Metro is clearly the big bet for Microsoft. We know that because we are working on the insides and all that, but they came out publically so strongly [at CES] stating 'look Metro is here' and clearly, clearly, that helps us a lot.

"Instead of me thinking how to introduce people to Live Tiles - which is today's challenge - 100s of millions of people will be working with Live Tiles on their PCs as a result of the Windows 8 work, and we see an opportunity to take advantage of that synergy."

However, just as he may have dropped the actual bombshell, Elop was quick to close the door once again:

"But again, no specific announcements ... but [it is] something we are interested in."

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Writing by Stuart Miles.