With the Nokia N900 being labelled a "mobile computer" rather than a fully fledged tablet, we are still eagerly waiting for the Finnish mobile phone giant to officially enter the tablet market.

But that wait is said to be almost over as DigiTimes is reporting that Nokia has already begun testing some engineering samples and is looking at a tablet release before this very year is out.

The samples are reportedly manufactured by Foxconn - the same company that knock-up the iPad for Apple. The tablet will be either 7 or 9 inches and will be ARM-based and operate via the MeeGo operating system.

The tablet party is definitely in full swing now. Apple has obviously made the biggest entrance with the iPad, but Archos, Dell, Asus and MSI are all already in attendance and others such as RIM and Samsung on their way. It is, therefore, no real surprise that Nokia is joining in, we had heard murmurs in the past as well.

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