Nokia is looking to enter the tablet market too, beyond its N900 model, according to analysts.

"Nokia is working with suppliers and design manufacturers on a touch-screen tablet to have available as early as this fall, according to Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar, who is close to Nokia's technology partners", reports business website, The Street.

Although Nokia has declined to comment to the site, or us for that matter when we pinged them, that hasn't stopped the rumour mill looking for companies to earmark for a tablet release to go up against the Apple iPad.

"Nokia hasn't fielded any breakaway products in years. This is a new window, and Nokia had better be at the starting gate if and when the product category takes off", Kumar told the site.

Nokia would be in a perfect position to launch a tablet following its joint announcement with Intel at this year's Mobile World Congress where it launched MeeGo, a Linux based platform based on its previous Linux based platform Maemo.

However, some would claim that Nokia already has a tablet device in the guise of the N900, which in fact is actually the third in the series. The N770 was first launched in 2006.