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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola today announced that the Moto X Android phone will be coming to the UK on 1 February, but stopped short of launching any new products at the same time. The company is eyeing-up the tablet market however. 

The company, now owned by Google, has been linked with a return to the tablet market for a while. More than two years have passed since the Xoom 2 was released, so a new device from the American firm is long overdue.

Some even speculated that a new tablet could be part of today's announcement, and while that wasn't true, Pocket-lint can reveal that Motorola is considering a new device in that area.

During an interview with CEO Dennis Woodside, Pocket-lint was told that tablets were very much under consideration by Motorola. Smartphones are its number one priority, but there is a temptation in offering something competing products do not: customisation.

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"We are looking at tablets. A lot of people have asked us to build a tablet using Moto Maker, to customise their tablet. There might be a day we do that, but the bigger opportunity for us is the five billion people without smartphones," he said.

Sadly though, this might not happen for a while.

"You need to focus. Or we could go next door and start building refrigerators too," Woodside explained to us. "We have to decide and convince consumers we stand for something and what we are focused on is the mobile internet."

You can read the rest of the in-depth interview with the Motorola CEO here: Interview: Motorola's CEO Dennis Woodside talks Moto X, tablets, wearables and what's next

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 14 January 2014.