Motorola may be working on a new tablet following the Moto X. Engadget thinks that with the Motorola execs all pushing customisation, we can expect it to come from Moto Maker.

If you're not familiar with Moto Maker, check out our review. It basically lets you handpick everything from design and name markings to memory and accessories.

For now CEO Dennis Woodside has confirmed to Engadget that there's, "something we are working on", in the tablet department. So it looks like it could be a long time before we even start seeing leaks of this device. Of course if it's fully customisable no one device would cover it anyway.

With tablets starting to blur the lines between phones and computers this seems like the ideal time for Motorola to step in and offer a broad range of options for the user. Let's just hope it's as good or better than the Moto X.