Motorola has announced the new Xoom 2 and Xoom 2 Media Edition tablets in the UK, but neither will be launching with the latest version of Android.

Both of the new tablets will be launching with Android 3.2 Honeycomb when they land on shelves in mid-November. Once again, Motorola has confirmed that an Ice Cream Sandwich update will be coming for these two new devices.

Motorola confirmed to Pocket-lint that iit is committed to a 6-week update cycle, meaning that the update would come 6-weeks after they receive the code for Ice Cream Sandwich from Uncle Goog.

Unfortunately that doesn't nail a date precisely as the Moto Agent we spoke to didn't know when the code would arrive. It does at least put Motorola on record confirming that all Motorola Xoom owners will see the update, whether they have the new Xoom 2 or the older original.

We also noticed that although the Xoom 2 models are launching as Wi-Fi only, the larger 10-inch model has a microSD card slot which won't be enabled. Motorola couldn't confirm whether this would be on retail versions, but did accept that if it did, if could be enabled with a software update in the future.

Motorola recently announced that it would be updating the new RAZR handset to Ice Cream Sandwich at the "start of 2012" and it looks like the two new tablets, and the existing Xoom, will be following a similar timescale.

One thing is for certain - Motorola has committed to a hefty run of Ice Cream Sandwich updates in the coming months.

We know you'll all be furiously checking for updates, so we will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Motorola have been in touch with us to clarify the details on that "6-week" timeframe. It seems it isn't that the update will come within 6-weeks, but that they will provide extra guidance within that time period. They have given us the following clarification:

"Motorola Xoom 2 or Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), and we will provide more precise guidance on timing within 6 weeks post public push of ICS by Google."

So it looks like a case of knowing more information within 6-weeks of the Google ICS push.