Motorola has announced that Android 3.1 is rolling out to UK Xoom users, just days after 3.2 dropped in the States.

But, unlike our American cousins' 3.1 update that hit back in May - this one comes packing the all important microSD support that didn't arrive until the most recent update in the US.

Confused? You needn't be as all you really need to know is that if you're a Xoom owner in Britain, and you update to Honeycomb 3.1, you'll have the ability to expand the memory of your tablet up to 64GB with the addition of a 32GB microSD card.

As well as that you'll also get improved multi-tasking, resizeable home screen widgets, direct picture transfers from your camera, PC joystick support, a new Wi-Fi lock feature and pre-loaded Adobe Flash.

One thing that may be missing in comparison from the 3.2 update Stateside is the app zoom feature, although we found this function to be a bit hit and miss when we took 3.2 for a ride on our Xoom.

The update is an OTA one, so be sure to check your notification bar for details of its availability on your tablet - it's rolling out now.

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