Are you coming up to the last few bytes of your Motorola Xoom's 32GB flash memory? Are you aching to pop a microSD card in the slot once it's activated? Do you live anywhere but the good ol' US of A?

If you answered yes to all three questions then you're in luck, as Motorola has announced that the Android 3.1 update for the flagship Honeycomb device is on its way - and one of the key features is that it'll get that dormant microSD slot a working.

Speaking via Facebook (which seems to be the hip new way to announce Android updates, by the way) Motorola said:

"The 3.1 update for Motorola Xoom outside the U.S. has started. Owners in Europe can expect updates over the next several weeks until the roll out is complete. The 3.1 update for non-U.S. devices, in addition to many other improvements, also includes SD card activation. Release notes will be made available in each region, functionality varies by region."

We're not sure why the US has been left out at this point, although if our Stateside readers are desperate for some Android 3.1 and microSD action on their Xooms, they can always tread the risky root and custom kernel path.

The Android 3.1 update for US Xoom owners rolled out about a month ago, but microSD support wasn't part of the package: you can see what was added in our examination of the update here.

Got a Xoom? Let us know when the update lands for you.

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