PC World has seen fit to drop the price of the Xoom before it hits shop shelves, hinting that retailers could have doubts of how well the  Android 3.0 tablet will sell on launch; the site has dropped the price from £499 to £479.

The site says that the Xoom tablet is "Due for release in the 1st week of April (date TBC), if you order from us today you'll be the first in Europe to receive one." With a delivery date stated as "09/04/2011".

Although not a huge price drop, it'll still mean other retailers should follow suit, meaning that the price will likely drop further in the months following the launch.

Specs for the device are pretty impressive, although there were some initial doubts as to whether the device would be launching with Flash running, with a 16:9 10.1-inch screen high definition resolution (1280 x 800), and the response to touch. It also comes with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual core processor, and 32GB of internal memory (with SD expansion available after a software upgrade), and 1GB of RAM.

If you want 3G you'll be paying £100 more, however it's still a fairly hefty price so you might do well to wait a little longer. 

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