The Carphone Warehouse has come clean with the pricing for 2011's mostly hotly anticipated tablet (that doesn't contain fruit) - revealing that the 3G enabled Motorola Xoom will sell in the UK for a penny shy of £600.

At £599.99, the Carphone Warehouse is going to be offering a SIM-free version of the Honeycomb boasting tablet at exactly £100 more than the Wi-Fi only version is priced up at.

Plus, Xoomers will also be able to make use of the charging dock (worth £34.99) that the mobile retailer is throwing in for free.

There's still no official word on release date for the Android 3.0-sporting iPad-rival, but it is expected to arrive in the next month or two, having initially been touted as appearing in Q2 2011.

The Carphone Warehouse is stating "early April" and you can pre-order now.

There's no news yet as to what sort of subsidised deals CW will be doing when taking up a contract, however, so you may wanna hold-back for a few days to see what it comes up with.

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