Could UK tech fans be getting a reasonably priced Android tablet for a change? Maybe so, as PC World could, apparently, be selling the Motorola Xoom for less than £450.

Now we say apparently because although Engadget managed to grab a screen shot of a pre-order page with the 32GB Wi-Fi only version of the Honeycomb device priced up at £499.99, the price has now been removed from the page and replaced with a message to come back soon for more information.

The "pre-order today" button has also disappeared, but we're hoping that the removals are down to an internal glitch over at PC World, rather than an over zealous employee going live with a dummy price still in place.

After all, a 32GB Wi-Fi Xoom at £450 is around £60 cheaper than its direct iPad comparison (until 2 March, at least - the iPad prices are sure to drop when the sequel goes live).

We've heard that Dixons (who own the likes of PC World and Currys) has a 1-month exclusive period on the Wi-Fi model, and Carphone Warehouse has likewise on the 3G model. But Dixons will be stocking the 3G model after the month is up.

No UK release date has yet been confirmed.