The Motorola Xoom tablet will go on sale in the USA in just three days time on the 24 February, however those who plan to snap up the device on day one will no longer be able to gloat that it runs Adobe Flash.

While the tablet will be running Google’s brand new Honeycomb operating system designed specifically for tablets, it seems someone didn’t get the memo about whether or not it needed to be able to play Flash videos from launch.

Eagle-eyed would be owners have spotted that the Verizon promotional poster confirms the bad news with the line buried at the bottom of the advert that you'll most likely need a magnifying glass to read.

“Adobe Flash expected Spring 2011” reads the small print clearly suggesting 24 February isn’t Spring in their minds.

Still you will get to play with a 1GHz dual-core processor on that 10.1-inch screen. With a UK launch date still some time off, it's likely that UK owners won't experience the same problems, however we've contacted Motorola in the UK to find out whether that will or won't be the case. 

We will update the story once we've heard back.