The flagship Honeycomb device, the Motorola Xoom, will land in the UK in Q2 2011 in both 3G and Wi-Fi flavours.

Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy will be offering up the 3G and Wi-Fi option (and obviously the data contracts to go with it) whilst Currys and PC World will be stocking the Wi-Fi only model.

"2011 will be the year of the tablet," said Graham Stapleton, chief commercial officer at The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy.

"Demand for tablets has already been greater than expected and the next 12 months will see them being adopted by more and more people as new products are unveiled. The Motorola Xoom sets the bar incredibly high - its functionality and ground-breaking features mean it offers one of the richest user experiences I’ve ever seen."

Pocket-lint's source told us that he was surprised by the announcement of the launch partners as no-one has yet been told by Motorola what the exact pricing or release date would be.

We've also heard that Dixons (who own the likes of PC World and Currys) has a 1-month exclusive period on the Wi-Fi model, and Carphone Warehouse likewise on the 3G model. But Dixons will be stocking the 3G model after the month is up.

Over at MWC Sanjay Jha, chief executive of Motorola Mobility, stated that the Motorola Xoom would cost around $800 when it goes live later this year. If that is accurate then we can expect the top level Xoom to come in at around £650 - £700 here in the UK.

Yep, that is expensive, but at least it's not as bad as the $1,000+ rumours that have been doing the rounds. And it does look sexy as hell.