Motorola stole the show over in Vegas with the Xoom, and it seems that the Illinois based telecoms giant isn't prepared to sit back and see the likes of LG and Samsung soak up all the tablet limelight at Mobile World Congress as it has come out with a couple of juicy announcements of its own.

It has confirmed that its Honeycomb touting tablet will be shipping in Europe at the beginning of Q2 2011, and not just in the 3G version that we know of - they'll also be a Wi-Fi only version too, which is great news for tablet-fans not wanting to sign up to a data deal just to get in on the Android 3.0 action.

The tablet, which has been described by its makers as not "the next generation tablet...the one after that", is one of the most hotly anticipated devices for 2011; not least because it's the flagship Android 3.0 device - the one that Google used to launch the platform.

There's also talk that a silver-backed version of the Xoom is doing the rounds over in Barcelona, so Pocket-lint will do its darnedest to track it down and grab some pics.