Could we be less than 2 weeks away from the launch of 2011's most hotly anticipated tablet so far? No, not the iPad 2 - but the Motorola Xoom and all of its Honeycomb goodness.

According to a Best Buy print ad from the States we could well be - although it isn't all good news. A price of $799.99 is mentioned. Wowsers - that sits it almost on a par with the top-end 64GB iPad.

The advert also mentions some 3G data plans for US Xoomers too - but it's the $799.99 price-tag that will undoubtedly be the talking point.

We expected it to be expensive - after all it is packing a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 chip and a HD 10.1-inch screen, and some high end tablet camera action - but we were kind of hoping for $100 - $150 less than the Best Buy quoted price.

There's no UK pricing at present, but if the Best Buy figure is standard, we'd be surprised to see it go on sale for less than £675 - we don't usually get anywhere near a fair price using the exchange rates.

Pocket-lint will be keeping a keen eye on this one - we're very excited about the Xoom.

In the meantime, check out our hands on look of the Xoom from CES.