We love leaks on Pocket-lint, and recently there's been more than at a Welsh dyslexic vegetable growers competition. However, there are few more satisfying than finding precious nuggets of information hidden within the treasure trove of a cached website page.

This time, droid-life.com found one line of revealing data amongst a list of handsets on a cached Spanish VZW page. There, under the Motorola Q9c and above the Palm Centro on its "List of advanced devices", is the Motorola Stingray, with the model number MOTMZ600 - believed to be the same model number of the previously hinted Motorola / Verizon 10in tablet.

So, putting two and two together and, hopefully, coming up with four, it is reasonable to surmise that the company's iPad rival is, at the very least, codenamed Stingray.

Of course, we don't know if that will apply to other territories, such as the UK, or that it will ever see the light of day under that name, but it's certainly intriguing. And attractive to any Gerry Anderson fan.

Let's hope it starts a trend of handsets and tablets with similar designation: Motorola Thunderbird, Motorola Mysteron, Motorola Terrahawk. We draw a line at Motorola Torchy the Battery Boy, though.

Real or not? Let us know your thoughts below...