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(Pocket-lint) - The Microsoft Surface Duo will get an update to Android 11 in the summer, welcome news given that the device is now fully on sale in the US and will come to Canada and Europe - including the UK - this week. Android 11 has been out for over five months already.  

The news about Android 11 is thanks to German outlet Dr. Windows, who took part in a Surface Duo media briefing with Microsoft representatives to talk about the launch of that device in Europe (we've had no such briefing in the UK as yet). The report has since been corroborated thanks to a Windows Central source.


The Surface Duo is a dual-screen tablet that can also make phone calls, but despite some long-term users being positive about the usability of the device, the hardware inside is a couple of years old with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 platform being used and no 5G connectivity, for example. It's also remarkably expensive at £1,349 in the UK for a device that is currently $999 in the US for a device that was first announced - as a very early version - in October 2019. 

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The displays can be used for different purposes - meaning it is compelling for some pro users who want to have a dedicated display for an app they need open all the time. 

Writing by Dan Grabham.
  • Source: Surface Duo: Android 11 kommt im Sommer – Microsoft mit langfristigem Bekenntnis - drwindows.de