At the beginning of June it was revealed that Microsoft's next Surface device - codename Centaurus - could be a dual-screen device. But the big update news is that this Surface could be a folding device.

Just as we discuss why folding phones are currently failing to get off the ground, it's the tablet and PC space which looks like it might be the greatest benefitting market from such display technology. Lenovo has already shown off a folding laptop - i.e. the screen covers the hinge and also folds.

The report that the new Surface could be folding comes from Forbes, citing IHS Markit's Associate Director of Consumer Electronics, Jeff Lin, in saying that "supply chain info" was the giveaway. The Centaurus would feature two 9-inch screens with 4:3 aspect ratios.

The critical take-away from this is, however, is that the forthcoming next-gen Windows operating system - Windows Core OS, or WCOS - is said to support dual screen displays in a dynamic fashion, with the Surface being Microsoft's flagship device to show this off in best possible fashion.

IHD Markit also claims WCOS will even be able to run Android apps and iCloud services on Windows 10. A bold claim indeed. We'll have to see how it all unfolds...