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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft is reportedly developing a foldable tablet, and the evidence pile that suggests so just grew larger.

This foldable tablet, codenamed Andromeda, which is expected to support pen input and could launch as soon as this year, will be a pocket Surface device, according to a leaked Microsoft document obtained by The Verge. Microsoft allegedly described the Andromeda as "a new pocketable Surface device form factor" in this document, and that's about all we we can glean from The Verge's report.

The device, which is quietly being developed by Microsoft, is thought to have a dual-screen-and-hinge design, and it will be centered around a notebook app that connects to OneNote and has an analogue notebook interface. It might also run apps like Edge and Photos, as well as have built-in cellular support for calling and texting. In terms of what it might look like, The Verge highlighted this tweet:

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Honestly, there isn't much new in this report, and we still don't know any concrete details, including a name, specs, release date, or pricing. But because there's been so many rumours in the past year alone, we suspect Microsoft is developing some sort of disruptive Surface device.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 29 June 2018.