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(Pocket-lint) - Microsoft might be working on a Touch Cover smart keyboard for iPads, according to a document that has just been spotted.

The document concerns battery information for products containing lithium-ion batteries. It was shared on Microsoft's website in April - though only recently discovered by German blog WinFuture. The document mentions a previously unknown product: iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719). Now, remember, Microsoft sold Touch Covers in the past for its Surface tablets, but not for the iPad.

Microsoft's Touch Covers double as pressure-sensitive keyboards and protective covers. They magnetically hold in place and have a standard keyboard layout with shortcut keys. They also have a two-button touchpad that supports gestures. It's not yet clear if the company's version for iPad would look or even work similarly. We can only safely assume it has a lithium-ion battery.

It therefore could connect over Bluetooth, or it could work with the iPad Pro's Smart Connector. If we had to guess, Microsoft will probably make the Touch Cover work without the Smart Connector, because then it could cater to regular iPad owners who can't use Apple's smart keyboard. But keep in mind Microsoft might never announce this product. We've only seen one leak, after all.

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Writing by Elyse Betters. Originally published on 2 August 2017.