Microsoft firmly denied that there was a Surface Pro 5, but instead it looks like there is a new Surface Pro coming instead.

We know what you're thinking: this looks a lot like the current Surface Pro 4 that was launched in 2015. It looks like you might be right, but with this leak coming from the ever dependable Evan Blass writing on VentureBeat, there's every reason to be believe that this is what Microsoft is planning for its 23 May event in Shanghai. 

Physically, the update doesn't look any different to the existing model, but Blass says it will simply be called the Surface Pro - losing the number. That makes sense if you're from the Apple School of thought (think MacBook Pro) and it's better than calling it the Pro 4S or Pro 4.5 or something. 

Reportedly the changes will be under the skin, with Intel's seventh-generation chips used and presumably some other hardware changes to give some futureproofing to the new model.


VentureBeat says that the pen and keyboard to accompany the Surface Pro will be available in a range of colours.

Blass is also teasing more information on Monday, so we suspect we'll hear all the details on Monday before Microsoft has the chance to announce them. If that doesn't happen, we can expect Microsoft to reveal all the details soon.