Microsoft will not use its Shanghai event to announce a Surface Pro 5.

In an interview with CNET, Microsoft’s devices chief, Panos Panay, said Microsoft doesn't plan to introduce a new Surface Pro 5 model until there's "an experiential change that makes a huge difference in product line." Panay explained a "meaningful change" doesn't just mean the latest processor or a similar hardware upgrade. He also made it clear that "there's no such thing as the Surface Pro 5" right now.

Earlier this month, Microsoft unveiled a new Surface Laptop at an education-focused event, and then a couple days later, it invited the media to another hardware event in Shanghai, sparking rumours that the company is planning to finally update its Surface Pro line, but now we know that's officially not the case. Panay's recent comments lead us to believe the Surface Pro 4 will be around for a while longer.

"What I'm super, super sure of is that the people using a Pro 4 have a product that's going to be competitive for five years," Panay said. So, what does that mean? We think you shouldn't expect a Surface Pro 5 anytime soon. But there may be some Surface news at Microsoft's next event. Current reports even think Microsoft may refresh the Surface Pro 4 with Kaby Lake processors.

We'll know for sure later this month.