During its Windows 10 media briefing, Microsoft unveiled an 84-inch interactive screen that doubles as a touchscreen computer and 4K TV.

The Surface Hub is part of the company's Perceptive Pixel program and has all manner of control systems with which to interact with it. Multi-touch and pen (stylus) input are both available along with cameras and voice control.

It effectively contains a super powerful Windows 10 PC that also has Wi-Fi and NFC support and it's probably going to be most used by businesses. In that sense it can double as a wipe board, but because of the internet connectivity, it can link with applications such as OneNote to share work as it is created.

We could also see it being incredibly popular with gamers with a fairly decent wodge in their pockets. Or in football club dressing rooms - ready to give instructions to the players on their opponents, even over rolling footage of previous games or the first half of play.

An actual release date or price for the Surface Hub are yet to be revealed. Windows 10 itself is expected to be released for consumers around the middle of 2015, although that is yet to be officially confirmed.

What has been confirmed is that Windows 10 will be a free download and upgrade for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 owners for a whole year after its initial release.